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On Sat, Aug 02, 1997 at 04:46:06PM -0500, amp at wrote:
> Interesting.
> Now for the obvious question, can you convert midi back to text?

Of course -- that was the point of the exercise.  Not only that, but
midi can be used to generate sound, and pitch to midi converters can
go from sound to midi -- one way to look at this is that I've just
implemented part of an inefficient modem protocol.  However, the 
interesting thing from a legal point of view is that the intermediate 
protocol is music.  It is clearly music, in fact.  I have written 
many such compositions, and if I didn't say, you wouldn't be able to 
pick out which one was RSA by listening.

> Looks like a new way to hide encrypted messages.

I'm not sure how good it would be for that.  I find it more
entertaining as another example of the absurdity of the export ban. 

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