forged cancels (Re: Entrust Technologies's Solo - free download)

Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM dlv at
Sat Aug 2 08:39:20 PDT 1997

Tim Skirvin <tskirvin at> writes:

> Ryan Anderson <randerso at> writes:
> > "Make Money Fast" are killed because they're illegal scams in the US and I
> > think in most of the world.
> 	Make.Money.Fast is killed because it's spam a few thousand times
> over.  The legality of it doesn't come into question.

Look in your "control" newsgroup, and you'll see that most of the
cancels forged for the MMFs state in the body that they're being
cancelled because they're "illegal". To save bandwidth, here's one
counterexample to Tim's claim:

]Path: ...!!!cyberspam!not-for-mail
]From: news at
]Newsgroups: sci.physics
]Subject: cmsg cancel <32684BAE.68B3 at computer.mic> no reply ignore
]Message-ID: <cancel.32684BAE.68B3 at computer.mic>
]Date: Sat, 19 Oct 1996 15:07:31 GMT
]Control: cancel <32684BAE.68B3 at computer.mic>
]Sender: listentome <determin at computer.mic>
]Reply-To: bitbucket at
]Organization: Semi-Automatic Chain Letter Remover
]Lines: 3
]Approved: news at
]X-No-Archive: Yes
]X-Canceled-by: news at
]Illegal MMF canceled by news at

You will notice that the anonymous cancel came from a .gov site. :-)


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