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Sat Aug 2 08:32:09 PDT 1997

Tim Skirvin <tskirvin at> writes:

> "Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM" <dlv at> writes:
> > 1. "Spam cancellers" are not generally news admins. They are plain old
> > users who get kicked off of their ISPs for forging cancels. For examples,
> > see Net.Scum pages of Rick Buchanan, David Ritz, et al.
> 	Many spam cancellers are news admins.  Most of the major ones are
> admins, in fact - Chris Lewis, JEM, etc.

You're splitting hairs.  One very unpleasant cancel-forger, Jan Isley,
was the admin of a site where he was also the sole user.  When I posted
to usenet the expose's of jan's net-abuse (forged cancels) and asked
everyone to complain to his upstream site (Emory University), Jan Isley
forged cancels for 6 of my articles claiming that I "advocate harrassment
of uninvolved third parties".  Well, the third parties got complaints
anyway and pulled jan's plug in no time. :-)

For the archetypal "spam canceller", please examine Tim Brown's
net.Scum page at when that site
is up.

> > 2. Once a cancel-forger builds a "reputation" as a "spam canceller",
> > s/he often diversifies into "retromodetration" - forgng cancels for
> > singly-postd articles whose contents they don't like and claiming that
> > they were "spam". For examples, see the Net.Scum pages for Guy Macon
> > (the retromoderator on soc.religion.quaker), Chris Lewis, et al.
> 	This rarely happens, actually, and such situations are quickly
> slapped down as soon as they're spotted.
> 	The two examples Dimitri gives, of course, are major
> misrepresentations.

Who's misrepresenting what, Tim?

Chris Lewis has a 'bot that forges cancels for multi-posted articles.

Chris Lewis forges cancels by hand for articles that are critical of
him (claiming that they're "spam"), for articles that quote his earlier
articles (claiming that they violatehis copyright), posts numerous
lies about me (which you yourself partialy refutes the other day).

Tim Brown, a similar "spam canceller", forges cancels for "spam" as
well as articles that make fun of his newsletter, "The Last Word".

Etc, etc - take a look at for numerous other examples.


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