Yet another self-labeling system (do you remember -L18?)

Paul Bradley paul at
Sat Aug 2 07:08:10 PDT 1997

> > Persuation is not the point, it is not necessary to persuade people
> > that
> > censorship is morally wrong in order for it to be so.
>      Well, if persuasion is "not necessary," then why do you care about
> anyone's views on this?

I don`t give a fuck about anyone elses views, however, I debate such 
points here and elsewhere for my own personal pleasure, the real power to 
change things comes through the use of technology, not debate.

>     On your other point, I really don't agree that is morally wrong to
> take steps to prevent children from having access to pornography. 
> People may propose ways of doing this which are objectionable, but the
> basic goal is hardly immoral.  Indeed, many think it is immoral not to
> protect children.

Foo. I see no point in pursuing this any further.

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