Credit Card w/$5,000 Limit GUARANTEED - NO CREDIT CHECK/SSN

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 * You Receive 2 Major Offshore Credit Cards!
 * A total of $5,000 worth of Credit (Unsecured) AND...
 * (optional) $10,000 - $15,000 Line of Credit (5.95% APR)!!!
 * Line of Credit could expand after 6 months to $25,000-$100,000!!!
 * NO Credit Check or Income Verification!
 * NO Social Security Number Required!
 * NO Deposits or Collateral Funds (Unsecured)!!
 * Bad Credit, No Credit, Bankruptcy, NO PROBLEM!!!
 * Amazing 4.95% APR!!!
 * 3 x 6 forced matrix could earn you $6,941 (or more) per month!!
 * Complete Financial Privacy!

Our services could provide you with the funds you need to run your business effectively, or help you obtain the CREDIT that you deserve for use in everyday life.

BEST OF ALL....You may NEVER AGAIN have to pay for anything you charge!

As more domestic banks say "NO" to credit card applicants, an ever increasing number of credit card applicants find their way to safe and confidential offshore banks.  It's no secret that once you have established a few not so good remarks on your credit record, you will find it very difficult to obtain credit again.  

When you go offshore, however, your credit record is of NO real consequence.
Remember, going offshore places you in a NEW jurisdiction.  In most cases,
these new offshore locations do not even have credit reporting requirements.
The secrecy and confidentiality laws prohibit the release of one's banking
transaction.  Should anyone working in these offshore banks even so much as
say "Yes, this person has an account with us," SEVERE penalties of fines
and/or imprisonment could result for the non-complying bank employee!

Can you now see the tremendous advantages of having an offshore bank card?
Unless you , yourself, leave a paper trail, nobody at the offshore bank will release your credit card records.

How many people do you know who would love to have an Offshore Bank Card?
Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of Thousands?  Your OFFSHORE INCOME from referring others to our program will reflect how many people you can introduce to the
program. And remember, there is NO 1099 issued on that income!

You will benefit from your personal advertising efforts in two ways:

1) You will receive a $25 BONUS CHECK for every person that you personally sponsor.  PAID WEEKLY!!!  (only 4 referrals will earn back your initial processing fee).

2) Matrix participants will receive monthly commissions for all participants in your downline.

Simply email to offshorecard at and complete the Request Form with a payment of only $100.00.

How do I make payments on my credit card?

Your credit card may be paid through any ATM bank machine in the world or by mail, but... YOU MAY NEVER HAVE TO MAKE A PAYMENT!

When you choose us to help you get an Offshore Card you're automatically put into a 3 x 6 forced matrix (forced meaning that, if you fill one level, every person that's signed up under your automatically goes on to fill your next level, and so on) could earn you $6941.00 per month! You will be paying $25 per month in dues to the club for services rendered. This $25 will be DEBITED EACH MONTH from your account, and will allow you to receive commission checks for the banking activities of every person in your downline!

Matrix participants are recruited through a network of distributors worldwide. Participants earn monthly commissions on the dues ($25) paid by every member in good standing under them in a 3 x 6 forced matrix. 

Monthly commission schedule is as follows:  
Level 1 - 0% ($1.25) times 3 referrals on this level...[3x$0]..........$0.00
Level 2 - 10% ($2.50) times 9 referrals on this level....[9x$5].......$22.50 
Level 3 - 5% ($1.25) times 27 referrals on this level....[27x$1.25].$33.75
Level 4 - 10% ($2.50) times 81 referrals on this level..[81x$2.50]..$202.50
Level 5 - 20% ($5.00) times 243 referrals on this level.[243x$5.00].$1215.00
Level 6 - 30% ($7.50) times 729 referrals on this level.[729x$7.50].$5467.00

Total: $6941.25 Per Month!!

(referrals are the number of people underneath you in the matrix--a combination of the people you refer, and the people they refer, etc.)

All the money earned as a result of matrix participation is deposited AS A PAYMENT to the member's credit card account! If their commissions
exceed the minimum monthly payment, no further payments are required that month.  (i.e. enroll 3 people in a month and you will more than likely have covered
your minimum payment for anything you charge that month, just from the enrollee's bonuses! Develop a large downline, and your entire monthly charges
could be ZEROED OUT each month!), or better yet, you will receive $6941.00 CREDIT in your account!  Imagine what you could do with $6941.00 PER MONTH CREDIT!!

Since these cards are not issued through the North American banking institutions and credit reporting systems, the existence and details of your account activity are not disclosed to government agencies or credit bureaus.

Your card deposits are virtually unreachable by creditors.

Impress your friends and business clients with your card issued by an offshore bank of international reputation.

Plus, of course, all of the regular benefits of a universally recognized and accepted credit card; Identification and check guarantees; Dining out, hotel and car rental reservations, travel, and much more!

Matrix participants agree to pay $300.00 per annum for services rendered by our club. This amount is charged to your credit card in 12 monthly installments of $25.00 each, and is then re-distributed among active Matrix Participants according to the above schedule.

For an application & FAQ email offshorecard at

P.S. - EXTRA OFFER - If you'd like information on obtaining 2 MORE Guaranteed Cards (same application fee, amount of credit and opportunity to earn money), please email application at and we'll send off the applications to you ASAP!

Thank you for your time.  This will be one of the best decisions that you ever make!!!

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