New Non-Remailer Announcement

NO Remailer nor at dev.null
Fri Aug 1 19:02:39 PDT 1997

   ANNOUNCEMENT: "NO Remailer" Still Doesn't Work!

  Doesn't work, and probably never will...
  It is unlikely that attempts to get my drinking under control are
going to be any more successful in the future than they have in the
past, so the "NO Remailer" will never likely be of any use to those
who wish to send anonymous email.
  However, if you are an impulsive person who is continuously sending
out anonymous email that only comes back to haunt you and get you into
trouble, then perhaps you should use the "NO Remailer." That way, you
will get the satisfaction of sending the email, but will not suffer the
consequences of it actually being delivered.
  Also, since our email often bounces when we are behind on payments to
our ISP, you will get an opportunity to review your attempts at sending
anonymous email, thus helping you to notice the really stupid things
you say and do (such as including your .sig line in the nasty letter to
your boss).

  In short, the "NO Remailer" is perfect for those whose lives are a
mess and/or who are as big a loser as the "NO Remailer" operator.

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