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August 1, 1997

Going their own way

Even though Germany had signed a pledge
to forget about taxing the Internet earlier this
month, it seems that its parasitic bureaucracy
has other ideas.  A recent multimedia law in
Germany has defined Internet PC's as devices
that can receive audio and video, so the
Gebuehreneinzugszentrale (GEZ), the collector
of the TV tax in Germany, has decided that this
tax applies to PC's as well.  What does this mean
for business?  According to the GEZ, companies
with 100 Internet-enabled PC's will be charged
1000 Marks (about $555), whether the PC's actually
run audio or video or not.

For those unfamiliar with the GEZ, this is the
organization which enforces the TV tax by going
into peoples homes and checking to see how many
sets they own and in some areas driving around
in special trucks to determine which houses receive

Bureaucracies, in an almost living way, seem to write
their own code and respond viciously to threats to
their territories.  Unless the German government
finds a way to limit the power of its bureaucracy,
that territory will get bigger all the time.

Source:  _Ziff-Davis Network News_, July 30, 1997

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