Denning backs away from GAK

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Fri Aug 1 17:28:37 PDT 1997

At 1:49 AM -0700 8/1/97, Vin McLellan wrote:

>	To note the obvious, the Constitutional argument cuts both ways,
>with warranted access to "private papers," versus the Founding Fathers'
>proto-privacy and their rude distrust of federal power.  (It's kind of like
>the abortion debate, where the premise you start off with almost dictates
>which conclusion you arrive at, many steps later.)  Denning's pragmatic,
>utilitarian, arguments are useful, but I suggest they mask a deeper shift
>of primacy among competing principles.

But the Constitution has never been interpreted as placing prior restraints
on strength of locks, on shades over windows, etc. Nor on whispering or
speaking in code phrases to deter eavesdroppers.

(Nor, obviously, as the "warranted access" Vin speaks about _ever_ been
construed to mean that house keys must be deposited in advance ("escrowed"
in newspeak) with law enforcement.)

It is this prior restraint on the strength of security technology which is
at issue. If a proper warrant is gotten, the disclosure of papers may be
compelled. Whether they can be gotten depends on a lot of things. Just as
with physical papers, which may or may not be retrievable.

>about this, it will be _very_ interesting.)  Denning, like many on the
>other side, is smart & idealistic.  This study and other recent statements

Well, this is your opinion. I've read a lot of her stuff, and heard her
speak, and I can't agree with your characterization.

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