Self-imposed censorship

Damaged Justice frogfarm at
Fri Aug 1 01:52:35 PDT 1997

>There are a great many ironies here, but the greatest
>irony is that the censorship will be self-imposed --
>we're doing it for the sake of family, parents,

"Arresting Katherine was the government's way of taping our mouths
shut. Yet they had to realize that beating heads was the last way to
tame minds. Benevolence was always the first choice of rule for our
ancient emperors. The goal was to make people obey with their hearts
instead of with their mouths."
 -_Katherine_, by Anchee Min

"Ye have locked yerselves up in cages of fear - and behold, do ye
now complain that ye lack FREEDOM!"
 - _Principia Discordia_

It is not enough to fear Big Brother. You must love him.

"There's no way the federal government could oppress the citizens, because
the populace is armed to the teeth, and the officials would just get their
heads blown off."
 - James Madison argues the pro-government position, Federalist Papers #46

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