Rep. White introduces Internet Protection Act

Bill Stewart stewarts at
Fri Aug 1 00:50:13 PDT 1997

At 10:12 AM 7/31/97 -6, Peter Trei wrote:
>Does the FCC charter mention photonic communications as 
>well? At what point does the charter allow them to 
>interfere? Here's some steps on the way...
>* A mime, 'working' outdoors in daylight.
>The communication is entirely by photons, and the light
>source is non-electronic. (I know that many people
>would like to see mimes suppressed for the good of 
>humanity, but bear with me).

"A mime is a terrible thing to waste."

>* A mime, working by electric light.
>Does the fact that electricity is involved in
>creating the light make the communication 
>'electronic'? I don't think so. 

Electrical, perhaps; electronic, no, unless the light is using
transistors or vacuum tubes for some reason.

A mime, working under a government-funded streetlight,
which is powered by electricity obtained from interstate commerce .....
Sure, we can regulate that!  :-)

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