PBS Re-runs...

Alan Olsen alan at ctrl-alt-del.com
Wed Nov 27 11:31:47 PST 1996

PBS locally was rerunning an episode of "Life on the Internet" last night.
It was the one about PGP and Phil Zimerman.

It was pretty old (by net standards).  Phil had just gotten his case
dropped.  (And they mentioned the FBI's "Search for the Unibomber" page.

What I found frightening about the whole thing was Jim Kalstrom's comments
during the whole thing.  He brought up the Four Horsemen, as well as their
brothers, cousins, sisters, and the contents of a large family horseman
reunion.  He kept mentioning as to how we had to be able to tap CRIMINALS.
What he never mentioned is who those suspected criminals are.  ("We have
met the enemy and they is us!")  Personally I found the argument on the
government side pretty weak.  (My wife's comment was that they got lazy
using all these newfangled toys and did not want to have to get back to
doing real police work and real investigations.)  Kalstrom made it pretty
clear by his own words that he wanted to "catch the bad guys" and he did
not care what rights he trod on doing it.

Phil came off real well on the program.

The one thing that failed to mention is the amount of foreign development
that has gone into PGP.  (As well as the availability of it at sites around
the world.)

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