A Disservice to Mr. Bell

snow snow at smoke.suba.com
Sat Nov 16 20:59:54 PST 1996

> >It's also the third largest political party in the country.

> Also untrue, the Reform party is a considerably more significant 
> force. 

     Third Largest != third most significant force. Most people who 
vote Perot are either Repubs or Democrats, not "Reform Party" members. 

     In the 2000 election, were there are no incumbents, Perot's numers
will be about the same as the Libertarians, and if Perot doesn't make 
the ballot (either death or too sick) the reform party won't even be 
on the map.

     Perot doesn't have that many supporters, just more people who 
have heard of him, so when they get to the Voting Booth, they looked 
an Clinton and almost threw up, then looked at Dole, but couldn't 
get their hand to their nose, so they punched the next name they
recognized. Perot.  

Petro, Christopher C.
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