two bogus messages to this list

Rabid Wombat wombat at
Mon Nov 11 16:44:03 PST 1996

On Mon, 11 Nov 1996 attila at wrote:

> In <199611111238.GAA17346 at>, on 11/11/96 
>    at 06:38 AM, ichudov at (Igor Chudov @ home) said:
> .I did not write the two messages below. I did have a small party
> .yesterday, probably some of my guests did that...
>         just goes to proof it:  Microslop and Intel boxes are secure
>     only when most of their parts are stored under lock and key.

Um, not to disagree with you re Intel/Micro$loth, but most UNIX systems 
can be brought up in single-user mode and the root password changed by 
anyone with physical access to the system. You could end up with even 
more trouble than if someone messed with your M$ box.


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