WaPo on Crypto-Genie Terrorism

Vinnie Moscaritolo vinnie at webstuff.apple.com
Sun Jul 28 05:16:21 PDT 1996

AT  Sat, 27 Jul 1996 16:14:24 Alan Olsen wrote

>I beleive that there is alot that can be done to influence the public to be
>pro-crypto.  With the proper memes, you can reveal the flaws in the
>anti-privacy forces arguments.
>Here are a few in no particular order...
. <SNIP>
>Offer to sponsor a crypto archive and discussion area on a local BBS.  Keep
>it current.  Get others interested.  Spread the tools and teach people how
>to use them.

actually this is the major reasons that I am doing the Macintosh Crypto
conference at apple Sept 5/6.I want to educate mac developers about crypto.
(with or without mr may)  Maybe, Just maybe one of these guys will go out
and write  great crypto program (like a Kid-Crypto..Kidpix clone) that will
let the average joe use crypto.

as things stand now, windoze folks are going to have to  settle with
Mcro$ofts Access to Keys...MAK or is it Bill's Access to Keys.. BAK in any
case I didnt want to get into a my pulldownmenu is longer than your
pulldownmenu argument.. I just want to see it get on the radar fo people
who code.

You see I dont care what your favorite platform is,( if you like editing in
VI fine, I personnly like TECO), BUT  I am acting localy, doing my part,
not just complaining about it... So if you want to help, I am still looking
for folks to talk... maybe about why crypto is so important.
Crypto-archarchy. or maybe some e$ stuff would be nice...

Vinnie Moscaritolo
"friends come and friends go..but enemies accumulate."
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