Responding to Pre-dawn Unannounced Ninja Raids

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On Mon, 22 Jul 1996, Vinnie Moscaritolo wrote:

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> Subject: Re: Responding to Pre-dawn Unannounced Ninja Raids
> >   You pop a claymore in a building with any substance up to the level of
> >concrete re-enforced, and you _will_ be going with them.
> booby traping your home is a really stupid idea, I promise that your
> dog/child/spouse will be theone to accidentally set it off. besides for
> this you can get sued..
> every hear the one about the case of a guy who constantly had his radar
> detector stolen out his his car, he decides to set a trap and rigs his next
> one with exposive. The perp steals the box, sells it. someclown powers it
> up on his dash board and BANG!.. well you'd figure justice is served, but
> the NYC judges awarded the mass of flesh damages and charged the guy with
> manslaughter.
> only in Amerika..

Hrmmm... for the "pre-dawn raid" thing though, I've got a better one.

Where I live (Wake County, North Carolina), if someone's breaking into
your home, until they identify themselves as law inforcement, its legal to
shoot, and even kill, them, _As long as they're facing you_... funny, eh?

So, if someone breaks through my window at 6:00 AM, and they don't say
"Police" or "Secret Services", they aren't gonna be saying anything.

We have art that we do not die of the truth.
		-- Nietzsche

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