Responding to Pre-dawn Unannounced Ninja Raids

Vinnie Moscaritolo vinnie at
Mon Jul 22 19:12:52 PDT 1996

>   You pop a claymore in a building with any substance up to the level of
>concrete re-enforced, and you _will_ be going with them.

booby traping your home is a really stupid idea, I promise that your
dog/child/spouse will be theone to accidentally set it off. besides for
this you can get sued..

every hear the one about the case of a guy who constantly had his radar
detector stolen out his his car, he decides to set a trap and rigs his next
one with exposive. The perp steals the box, sells it. someclown powers it
up on his dash board and BANG!.. well you'd figure justice is served, but
the NYC judges awarded the mass of flesh damages and charged the guy with

only in Amerika..

Vinnie Moscaritolo
"Law - Samoan Style"
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