San Diego CPunks Symposium

Adam philipp adam at
Thu Feb 22 16:58:23 PST 1996

San Diego Area CPUNKS symposium  Thursday, February 29 (we're lucky this was
a leap year...) 1996

   Invitation to all Cypherpunks to join the San Diego crowd at "The Mission
Cafe & Coffee Shop" were we will get updates on Lance's new ISP, perhaps the
new Win32 mixmaster client, and other new goodies. As a special *BONUS* we
can also exchange keys, and discuss other topical subjects.

   Don't forget to bring your public key fingerprint (and two forms of ID).
If you can figure out how to get a PGP fingerprint on the back of a business
card, that would be cool.  

Place: The Mission Cafe & Coffee Shop
       3795 Mission Blvd. in Mission Beach.


Their Directions:
	8 west to Mission Beach Ingram Exit
	Take west mission bay drive
	Go right on Mission Blvd.

	On the corner of San Jose and mission blvd.
	It is located between roller coaster and Garnet.
	It's kind of 40s looking building...  funky looking 
        (their description, not mine)

They serve stuff to eat, coffee stuff, and beer.

See you there!

New people, don't forget your fingerprint.

Drop me a note if you plan to attend.

   Adam, Esq.

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