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Mixmaster mixmaster at
Thu Feb 22 16:57:56 PST 1996

IPG Sales <ipgsales at> wrote:
>We fess up - we are pig farmers from TexasL, we never have been to 
>these high fluting things you call schools, so we do not even 
>know what you are talking about, much less anything about Cryptography.

This explains your spelling skills, which a number of people have
already pointed out. TexasL, whatever it is, might offer something
called a highschool "GED." You should look into it.

>On Wed, 21 Feb 1996, Arley Carter wrote:
>> On Tue, 20 Feb 1996, IPG Sales wrote:
>> Fess up guys. You are either:
>> 1.  A team of undergrads or graduate students conducting an "exploit". 

My money's on this one, I hear that Ann Landers gets these all the time.

>> 2.  A Detweiller tentacle. Dr. FC ?

"Vlad" does seem a bit low on his medication, lately. Dr. Fred has been
pretty quiet as well. You don't suppose the two of them got together...

>> 3.  The return of Alice D'nonymous ?

Gawd! Please, don't give him any ideas!!

>> 4.  The reason the coderpunks lists was started.

Possibly, but did you notice how quickly "IPG Sales" found this list?

>> > 
<huge blank space elided>

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