OECD Canberra Papers

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Wed Feb 21 11:04:33 PST 1996

Papers from the Australian/OECD Conference in Canberra are 
starting to appear, though none are specifically identified as 
coming from the restricted Group of Experts meeting on February 




   Joint Australian/OECD Conference on
   Security, Privacy and Intellectual Property Protection in 
the Global
   Information Infrastructure
   Canberra, 7 - 8 February 1996


The one by Shane Simpson thoughtfully examines the way 
technology is affecting the sharing of information once 
considered to be proprietary or secret or private. Among other 
topics, it also explores the release of government information, 
prying by Big Bro in the "public interest" and other 
long-standing practices being re-shaped by technology. Some 
mention of the spread of cryptography and the consequent power 




    Managing Risks in the Global Information Infrastructure
    Professor Shane Simpson
   Founder and Director, Technology Risk Management Centre,
   Faculty of Law, University of Wollongong

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