National Cryptologic Museum (Noise)

lmccarth at lmccarth at
Fri Feb 16 01:11:39 PST 1996

If you're going to ask silly questions, it would be polite to provide a
private reply mechanism.

Anonymous writes:
> I peeled this off of Usenet, Wondering if this is Tim doing a little=
>  trolling?
> --(fwd)--
> Hi all,
> If you've never heard of the National Cryptologic Museum and have an
> Christopher C. May, M.D.

There's a "Christopher May" who has posted to the cypherpunks list before.
(Check the archives, and no, don't ask me where....)

Based on the message contents, it's not clear to me why you think this 
could have been a troll, but who the hell cares anyway ?

-Lewis	"You're always disappointed, nothing seems to keep you high -- drive 
	your bargains, push your papers, win your medals, fuck your strangers;
	don't it leave you on the empty side ?"  (Joni Mitchell, 1972)

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