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tallpaul tallpaul at
Thu Feb 15 22:47:17 PST 1996

Why oh why am I getting the idea that "cypherpunks" would better be called
"cryptoauthoritarians." From murder-as-political-liberation, to the
universalization of the libertarians "feelings" onto everyone else in the
world, to the mass nuclear bombings of civilians to the mass nuclear
elimination of religions. 
My, my. For a group of people so uspet at taxes you certainly have faith in
the ability of private individuals to generate the capital for things like
the Manhattan Project and high-cost nuke delivery systems! 
On Feb 15, 1996 20:03:56, 'Sean Gabb <cea01sig at>' wrote: 
>True, there are risks in generalising from the actions of one individual  
>to the group as a whole.  Nevertheless, where Islam is concerned, there  
>are so many individuals behaving badly that we are justified in thinking  
>the whole religion a force for bad. 
>Doubtless, I shall be told that "true Islam" is "true tolerance", "true  
>freedom", and even "true apple pie".  I may be told that the horrors of  
>actually existing Islam - remember this phrase, or something like it? -  
>are all somehow the fault of the West.  But the fact is that most Moslems 

>venerate old men in beards, who think that anyone who disagrees  
>with them about God should be put to death, that a woman with a  
>clitoris is a kind of devil, and that Western classical music is evil. 
>By my standards, these people are disgusting.  My only dispute with Tim  
>is in our manner of expressing our disgust. 
>Sean Gabb 
>Free Life. 
I was wondering if S. Gabb, as a self-declared expert on Islam, if he might
explain the difference between the Sunni and Shi'ite sects, and the
respective size of each? 
I am also curious if he could point us to a single written example where he
or anyone else has ever been told the various things that he "doubtless"
will be told? 
In short, is this important history posted on cypherpunks, more libertarian
political demagogery,  or another J. Bell-like reference to the
universalization of the libertarian's feelings onto the rest of the world? 
  "Gentle Jesus 
  "Meek and mild 
  "Bless me 
  "While I nuke this child. 
  "But reassure'em 
  "As I wack'em 
  "I love their rights; 
  "I'll never tax'em."

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