Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Mon Feb 12 22:46:23 PST 1996

Column by Jim Dykes 
in the Knoxville Journal (423-584-9606), 2/8/96.

(...) I had a call the other day.  About the DEA.  Try to keep
all these damn acronyms straight:  DEA is Drug Enforcement

Call was from an old cowboy - well, former Air America pilot, to
be more precise, CIA.  (There should be a federal agency to
control us old men better.)

To make a long, long story short, I have some names and phone
numbers of people around the country - Customs, Immigration &
Naturalization, maybe even some DEA, who can discuss rather
interesting money ripoff techniques by DEA agents involving Title
18, Title 21, and Title 19 of the Federal Code.  There was a time
when I would have busted a gut - and a phone budget - trying to
snare some bent government agents.  But, now ...

Let me make it perfectly clear that this old persimmon really
doesn't give a damn.  I am long past being shocked at venality
and corruption in public servants.  But, if anybody wants to be a
hotshot investigative reporter (and run up a helluva phone bill
for his or her employer) just give me a call.  (That lets a lot
of you out, since it would have to be somebody I know and trust.)

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