Fair Credit Reporting Act and Privacy Act

Tue Feb 6 19:16:48 PST 1996

From:	IN%"bplib at wat.hookup.net"  "Tim Philp"  6-FEB-1996 09:02:48.98

>It would not make it harder for buyers and sellers to get together, it 
would simply increase the risk. It may lead to higher prices, but I am 
prepared to pay something to protect my privacy.

> If you don't want people to know things about you, don't tell them.
I agree that in the absolute sense, this is true. However, it is not 
practical to do so in our modern society. If you are prepared to live 
without credit or health insurance you can do this but the price is too
high for most people to consider.                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
	So you're prepared for everyone to pay more, but not for those who
want privacy to pay more? While I do support taxes to pay for a minimal amount
of welfare, I don't think that much intrusion into private property rights is

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