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Excerpts from mail.cypherpunks: 30-Jan-96 Delusional Rich Salz at (752)

> You're disagreeing that I invented safe-tcl?  You disagree that I sent
> you and Ousterhout the very first message that said I want to strip out
> the dangerous commands?

That's not the way I remember it at all, but I'd be interested in seeing
the archives.  My recollection was that it was invented over breakfast
at an IETF meeting (the Columbus one???  I'm not sure) and that Dave
Crocker and Einar Stefferud were also there, along with Marshall and I. 
If I'm misremembering, I apologize.  Honeslty.  

> You're disagreeing that without enabled mail FV would probably
> not have happened?

Except for the fact that they provided prior evidence that Marshall & I
could work together, I'm not sure how it's relevant.  Yes, we used
safe-tcl to implement our server, but any number of other languages
would have sufficed.... -- Nathaniel
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