Call for Demos at Computers, Freedom, and Privacy '96

Leonard N. Foner foner at
Fri Feb 2 15:21:16 PST 1996

Since 1991, the Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference has brought
together experts and advocates from the fields of computer science, law,
business, public policy, law enforcement, government, and many other areas
to explore how computer and telecommunications technologies are affecting
freedom and privacy.

This year, for the first time, it's happening at MIT.  I'm helping to
coordinate a Technology Fair of interesting demos related to CFP's themes,
and I'm soliciting people for neat things they'd like to show.

If you think you have something you'd like to demo, please let me know.
For more information about the conference, you might want to check out
and for information about the demos themselves (including telling us what
items you may need us to provide), you should check out

Some examples to get you thinking:
. A demonstration of anonymous remailers?
. A demonstration of NFS packet substitution on the wire?
. Real-time Netscape key-breaking?
. A bake-off between some individuals or companies to see who can find out
  the most dirt on someone the fastest?
. Something else?

Remember, a lot of the things that Cypherpunks take for granted are
relatively unknown even to the type of crowd that goes to CFP; this could
be your chance to raise some awareness on these issues, show reporters what
can _really_ be done, and so forth.

If you'd like to demo (or even if you're just thinking about), please send
me mail as soon as possible so we can have time to plan.  Thanks!

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