CONTEST: Name That Program!

David Mazieres dm at
Thu Feb 1 12:29:37 PST 1996

In article <sl3GafqMc50eQWYD0N at> Nathaniel Borenstein <nsb at> writes:

> As you may have read in my previous message, First Virtual has developed
> and demonstrated a program that completely undermines all known schemes
> for using software-encrypted credit cards on the Internet.  More details
> are avialable at

You are a liar.

Your program does not undermine all known schemes for transmitting
software-encrypted credit cards on the internet.  You have no way of
obtaining my credit card number, because I will not run your software.
Furthermore, because I use a Unix-like operating system (specifically
OpenBSD) which I re-build from source code every week or so, you would
need to hack my compiler to keep mis-compiling itself and compromise
my kernel or netstat, ps, etc, for which you would need to be root.

The first virtual protocol seems to have some real weeknesses.
However, I do not feel like wading through all the pages of text to
figure out what is going on.  I challenge you to post a concise
description of the protocol, using syntax such as:

  A -> B:  {ID, xxx, ...}_Ks

With short descriptions where necessary.  If you do, I'm sure we can
rip your protocol to shreds (which is why you won't).


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