Oregon License Plate Site in the News Tonight!

jim bell jimbell at pacifier.com
Thu Aug 8 11:51:11 PDT 1996

At 11:16 PM 8/7/96 -0700, Timothy C. May wrote:
>Cypherpunks make the news again.
>I'm watching the LA NBC news channel, and they report that the Oregon "look
>up any license plate" Web site is causing a flap. Though apparently legal,
>the critics admit, the Governor wants the material removed.
>(Sounds like a good time to mirror it on some other sites, pronto!)
>--Tim May

No rush, Tim.  I've got the whole thing on CDROM.  In fact, the person who 
put the thing on the net got the data from me...through a friend.  I bought 
it from a person who's been selling CDROM's of this data for a couple of 
years.  The most recent revision (and the one that's on the 'net) is about 4 
months old.  

So far, what's been put on the net is merely the "license plate # to 
address" lookup.  We also have the "name to address" data...

Jim Bell
jimbell at pacifier.com

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