Emergency File Wipe Algorithim

MONTY HARDER monty.harder at famend.com
Mon Sep 4 20:44:01 PDT 1995

CW> and relaxation are in the same order of magnitude.  Thus, a few microseconds of
CW> storing the opposite data to the currently stored value will have little effect
CW> on the oxide.  Ideally, the oxide should be exposed to as much stress at the

  Here is a simple way to handle the problem, using our old discredited
friend, XOR. Set up your software to periodically XOR the key with FFFF.
This way, each bit will be a 0 half the time, and a 1 the other half.
You have a flag that tells whether the key is in normal or inverted
form, so that you can quickly perform any necessary computations on it,
but there should not be any long-term memory effect.

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