Greg Morgan mac5tgm at
Mon Feb 13 18:07:49 PST 1995

Mike McNally originally said the following...
> gnu at writes:
>  > In their November letter to X9 committee members, the NSA 
>  > attempted to undermine the attractiveness of triple-DES by 
>  > arguing that it is cryptographically unsound, a potential 
>  > threat to national security, and would not be exportable 
>  > under US law.
> One is forced to wonder at the sort of person that can with a straight
> face argue that on the one hand an algorithm is cryptographically
> unsound, while at the same time posing a threat to national security.
Just playing Devil's Advocate, but maybe he's saying that it's
so faulty that trusting banking communications to it would be a
threat to national security...  You know, it's so faulty it's
dangerous.. Kinda like Dan Qyale for president. *8)

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