(Bull Worldwide AutoResponder) UseNet at news.bull.com
Mon Feb 13 15:37:56 PST 1995


Your Usenet test article was received here at the news gateway machine at
Bull Worldwide Information Systems, in Billerica, MA, USA.

If you want to suppress this message in the future, include the word "ignore" 
in the Subject: header of any subsequent articles posted to *.test.  You could
also post your test articles with a Distribution: header of "local" to prevent
them from leaving your local machine, or you could also ask your local 
newsadmin to create a local *.test group that will not propagate outside of 
your organization.

There are typically 5 possible reasons why you were sent this e-mail message:

1) You intentionally posted a Usenet news article to a *.test newsgroup.  
These newsgroups exist so you can verify that your articles are being 
propagated correctly.  When your article arrives here, we send you this message
as confirmation.  We will only send you ONE e-mail reply for each of your test
articles that we see.

2) You unintentionally posted a Usenet news article to a *.test newsgroup.  
This is a bit of net.childishness caused by a Followup-To: header directing all
replies into a *.test newsgroup.  This is done by somebody upset with the
content of a discussion thread who wants to "punish" anybody who replies to his
message.  Your reply will be sent to *.test instead of the original newsgroup,
and you will start receiving autoresponder messages similar to this one that
you didn't ask for.  To avoid this in the future, look for a Followup-To:
header and make sure it's appropriate before replying to any articles.

3) You were a victim of a Reply-To: header directing your e-mail into a *.test
newsgroup via a mail->news gateway.  Similar to 2) above.

4) Somebody has forged a posting in your name to one of the *.test newsgroups.
To avoid this in the future, use better net.etiquette and you will make fewer
net.enemies.  If you want to try and identify the forger, use the following
procedure.  Make a legitimate posting to the same *.test newsgroup that the
forger used.  We will send you an e-mail reply.  Compare the Path: header from
this legitimate reply with the Path: header from the forgery.  The front
part of the two headers will be the same or topologically similar path to
your site.  Where the forged header becomes substantially different can
provide clues to where the forger lives.  Note that if you receive multiple
newsfeeds you may need to repeat this process several times so you can discover
all legitimate paths between our site and yours.  Once you think you've
identified the forger's site, try sending POLITE e-mail to the newsadmin/
sysadmin/postmaster explaining the situation.

5) You issued a cancel control message to a *.test newsgroup.  Some users
dislike autoresponses for cancel messages, but the newsadmins here think it
can be a valuable diagnostic tool for verifying cancel propagation.  If you
don't like it, use the "delete" key in your mail client!

All headers plus at most 10 lines of user text from your original article are
reproduced below for your perusal:

Path: cass.ma02.bull.com!steamer.clam.com!newsie.dmc.com!grapevine.lcs.mit.edu!uhog.mit.edu!news.mathworks.com!zombie.ncsc.mil!news.duke.edu!godot.cc.duq.edu!hudson.lm.com!news.pop.psu.edu!news.cac.psu.edu!howland.reston.ans.net!agate!overload.lbl.gov!emf.emf.net!hilbert.dnai.com!nbn!miwok!news.zeitgeist.net!ack.berkeley.edu!not-for-mail
Subject: lwall
Message-ID: <PINE4545-dhfsdkjc at ack.berkeley.edu>
NNTP-Posting-Host: ack.berkeley.edu
Organization: cypherpunks
Lines: 2
From: cypherpunks at toad.com
Distribution: world
Newsgroups: alt.test
Date: 6 Feb 1995 19:34:19 GMT


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