Our Ignorance of Govt. Capabilities

L. McCarthy lmccarth at ducie.cs.umass.edu
Sun Feb 12 23:21:41 PST 1995

Black Unicorn writes:
> If you think we are thought of as subversive and distasteful now, just 
> wait to see what happens if anyone on the list outs the kind of 
> information your talking about about e.g., the NSA or the Justice Department.
> Were this a private, closely held group instead of a public mailing list, 
> you might have a different story.

IMHO, people generally don't share that sort of 
information here because they don't possess it, not because they fear
potential repercussions. Plenty of list subscribers seem able to shed their
inhibitions quite easily when it comes to criticizing organizations and 
revealing information. Full utilization of the most advanced available
remailer features offers at least the appearance of sufficient anonymity
for most people, AFAI can tell.

[Perhaps we could run a short survey: please respond if you could dish dirt 
 on a government security agency, but do not plan to do so on this list   ;]

BTW, with an eye to avoiding rehashes of old flamewars, this does *not*
constitute an invitation to scour the subscriber list for *.gov and *.mil and
announce the results. Consult the archives if in doubt on this point.

-L. Futplex McCarthy

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