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Dave Harvey warrior at
Fri Feb 10 15:22:12 PST 1995

On Fri, 10 Feb 1995, Richard F. Dutcher wrote:

> The following was in today's San Francisco Chronicle.  BTW, quoting 
> the entire article as I have done is probably a violation of "fair 
> use" - but de minimis ...
> All under *current* law, folks.
> [hmmm -- encryption doesn't do much for exhibitionists and 
> braggarts, does it?  ;-]
> ==============================
[Article Deleted for the sake of Brevity]

Now mind you, this kind of writing is demented, however, what ever
happened to fiction, free speech and such.  At this rate, Steven Spielberg
should be in jail as well.  I thought you had to prove intent, the saying
something or writing it is not bad as long as you didn't have the intent
or present capability to carry out such.  BTW, I like all of Steven
Spielberg's writings and movies, and now HB830 from Oregon rears its head
and fangs.  Did this guy intend to threaten or was it fiction?  How would
they even know? 

Next thing you know they will limit all free speech.


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