why pgp sucks

Erich von Hollander erich at CSUA.Berkeley.EDU
Fri Feb 10 15:03:31 PST 1995

In message <9502102058.AA07955 at josquin.media.mit.edu>, Derek Atkins writes:
>> if i use a command like
>> 	pgp filename
>The problem is that you are using the wrong command....

hal pointed out to me that

	pgp -F

will do exactly what i want.  it will work.  the behavior of pgp -F (given
keys, for instance) is not well-described in the docs, but it will do what i
want it to.

as hal said, i can catch the stdout for the data, and catch the stderr for
out-of-band info about the data, and this will work fine.

and the product of all this is going to be quite cool.  i'll post it when
it's finished.


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