S. 314 and existing situation

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Fri Feb 10 14:59:09 PST 1995

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slowdog <slowdog at wookie.net> wrote:
> Hard to tell from this bill what the deal is on this. Common carriers 
> aren;t completely immune from prosecution or lawsuit or whatnot to begin 
> with. But in addition, S.314 introduces "transmit or otherwise make 
> available" into the language of the law. Which makes the -carrier- of the 
> "offending" information responsible.

Interesting point, there.

Following from that:

        Telecoms have bucks.
        Telecoms have lawyers.
        Telecoms are the 'transmission' agents for pretty much all of
                the internet. Even high speed dedicated T1s are usually
                from a telecom or two.

Can we get them involved?

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