Laws, Feds, & the Internet

Richard F. Dutcher rfdutcher at
Fri Feb 10 14:10:42 PST 1995

The following was in today's San Francisco Chronicle.  BTW, quoting 
the entire article as I have done is probably a violation of "fair 
use" - but de minimis ...

All under *current* law, folks.

[hmmm -- encryption doesn't do much for exhibitionists and 
braggarts, does it?  ;-]



Associated Press


	A college student was charged yesterday with posting computer 
messages describing the imaginary binding, rape, torture and murder 
of a woman who used to be in his Japanese class.

	"Torture is foreplay, rape is romance, snuff (killing) is climax," 
prosecutors say one of Jake Baker's messages read.

	The student, 20, was charged with the federal crime of transmitting a 
threat to injure.  He was jailed pending a bond hearing today.

	Baker, who was suspended from the University of Michigan last week,
told reporters he was within his rights to post the messages on the
Internet.  By posting the messages, he gave other Internet users
access to them.

	If convicted, Baker could be sentenced to up to five years in 
prison.  The name of the woman was not released.


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