Bernstein! Where are YOU!

Perry E. Metzger perry at
Fri Feb 10 10:22:33 PST 1995

I have never heard of such an individual, and I strongly suspect I
would have heard of them. I believe you have the name and details
wrong if the individual you are looking for exists at all.


Peter F Cassidy says:
> Friends - and Bernstein,
> -	I am a writer on assignment from the Economist writing about a 
> certain cryptographers' tussle with the State Department, a fellow who is 
> known around the beltway crypto-anarchy, privacy, 
> niceness-on-the-Internet advocacy crowds as Bernstein. I have the outline 
> of the case from the attorney's handling it. But my editors would really 
> like to be able to name the party and sketch his background. All I have 
> now is a last name, that he is a professor/and/or graduate student at UC 
> Berkeley and is being roughed up by the State Department. Can anyone here 
> - or the hero of the hour himself - come forward and help me complete my 
> assignment?
> -					Regards,
> -						Peter Cassidy
> -	PS: By the way, thanks to the guys who helped me shore up some 
> basic concepts for the pieces I've done for OMNI and the Covert Action 
> Quarterly that have touched on cryptography. Weirdly, one editor actually 
> knew the fellow from Texas that I'd interviewed on technical points. 
> (They worked together on a newspaper. What a ruck!)

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