Effects of S.314 (Communications Decency Act)

Robert Rothenburg Walking-Owl rrothenb at ic.sunysb.edu
Fri Feb 10 02:32:10 PST 1995

> On Thu, 9 Feb 1995, Robert Rothenburg Walking-Owl wrote:

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> > > broadcast paradigm, while the online world operates within the network 
> > > paradigm. There are no hours in which it is safe to broadcast because 
> > > there is no "broadcast" in the tradition sense.
> > 
> > Yes, I was discussing broadcasting. Scary thought is that because networks
> > are different they will try to outright ban everything.
> I wonder though sometimes if it's even occurred to lawmakers that they 
> can't apply the safe harbor notion for indency to computer networks.

The lawmakers have been trying to eliminate indecency (not just obscenity)
altogether... they don't want a safe harbor--that's something that came down
from the courts.

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