IQ & such

Nathan Zook nzook at
Thu Feb 9 04:03:20 PST 1995

For what it's worth, I have a tested IQ of 151.  While I am capable of
being trained to perform certain feats quite rapidly via methods that
"average" people don't understand, this is a far cry from the 30-point
never-can-be-explained claim made earlier.  There is one task that I have
observed an intuitive bonus on, but I have _never_ been unable to explain
the methods used to anyone that expressed intrest.
I once multiplied two 45 (decimal) digit numbers with no intermediate work
on a challenge.  I claim that my methods could be explained with no trouble
to almost anyone who can multiply two two digit number--I believe that they
are essentially the standard ones for multiprecision multiplication.
A reasoning machine, in the shape of a man, but with no conscious, is not
truly human.
--paraphrase from a letter to the Editor in a Mensa publication

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