Excerpts of signed messages

Robert Rothenburg Walking-Owl rrothenb at ic.sunysb.edu
Mon Feb 6 02:00:36 PST 1995

> (I forget if this was posted here last year, it sounds familiar.)

Some of us are relatively new to the list...
> Suppose I get a PGP-signed flaming message, full of insults, and at the
> end it says, sarcastically, "For a stupid moron, you've made some very
> nice postings."  I could choose to excerpt this last part, "...you've made
> some very nice postings", and exhibit it in signed form.  What I would do

In other words, you'd like to retain an excerpt from the message with the
signature still intact?

Problem with that is how do you prevent one from creating a clerverly made
excerpt that distorts what one is saying (but has a valid signature)? It
seems your example does this very thing.

Better to quote the unsigned portion but retainthe original signed message
as evidence that the excerpt is Ok.

[ Snip! ]

> The checker would know he was dealing with an excerpt, and that it came
> from the end of the message, but he would have know way of knowing what
> was in the part that was removed.

That's the problem, of course.

> Hal

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