The SKRONK protocols (version 0.6)

strick -- henry strickland strick at
Mon Feb 6 00:04:41 PST 1995

THUS SPAKE Network Security Observations <NSO at>:
# Henry,
# I would like to publish the working doc. in the next available issue 

Go ahead; I place the document in the public domain.

# of Internet Security Monthly. Obviously with a request to respond.

It would be kind if you sent me a copy of the issues that discuss it.
I'm not familiar with the journal.  If it's on paper, ask for my USPS address.

# Do you have any further material that you prefer to go along with it ?

Nope, that says what I have to say right now.  

The followup discussion on Cypherpunks has been helpful to me;
the punks mostly made good points and correct observations.  

		best regards, strick

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