Why encrypt intra-remailernet.

Lance Cottrell lcottrell at popmail.ucsd.edu
Sun Feb 5 00:22:00 PST 1995

>  If the remailer issued it's own non-blinded stamps, the remailer
>would have to keep a list of canceled stamps.  (For as long as that
>series of stamps remains valid.)  If the remailer used Chaumiam e-cash
>no logs would need to be kept at all.

I was not under the impression that Chaum e-cash was free from the need to
keep a list of spent cash. Do you meant that it would be the bank, not the
remailer, that would keep the database?
>> Another aspect worth mentioning is that message splitting can make
>> the kinds of statistical correlations that Wei Dai was looking at
>> more of a danger.  [...]  Ideally you'd want to dribble them out at
>> some standard rate, a rate at which you always send a message
>> whether you have something to send or not.  But this may introduce
>> unacceptable latency.
>  If everybody ran a second level remailer, and if they always
>forwarded something (of very nearly the same size) when they recieved
>an encrypted message, then without compromising the users machine it
>would be imposible to say when a message was delivered.  Some of the
>messages forwarded would need to be junk.  Is there a polite way to
>send mail to a remailer, and ask it to junk the mail?  Some of the
>messages forwarded would have to be 'part n of m' messages.
>  Noyb

Messages are not identifiable as "part n of m" except at the last hop. If
you are a remailer, then they are only visible as such to you. In transit
they appear as any other message. Yes, there is a polite way to send to a
remailer's bit bucket with some remailers. Ghio remailers will trash any
message sent which requests remailing to "null". Remailer at nately is a Ghio
remailer. I can't remember if I implemented that in Mixmaster. If not, I

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