Wired Institutes PGP Usage For Subscriptions....

Robert Rothenburg Walking-Owl rrothenb at ic.sunysb.edu
Sat Feb 4 03:01:39 PST 1995

> Got this message in my mailbox a week after I posted the query of magazine
> subscriptions via encrypted cc #'s. I'll check it out tonight, as I want to
> order a subscription for a friend.

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> In article <v4cAlOwscUg6077yn at io.org>, werewolf at io.org (Mark Terka) wrote:
> > .....if it is sooooooo hooked in the online culture have a PGP public key
> > that 'net users could use to send in their credit card numbers for
> > subscriptions?
> Here it is. We're just implementing it. Send us a message (send to
> talk2subs at wired.com)

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Neato. I'm tempted to send 'em a message saying "Where's the crime?!"...

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