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Fri Feb 3 11:17:35 PST 1995

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                 National Institute of Standards and Technology

                           announces the release of
                           NIST Special Database 18

                    Mugshot Identification Database (MID)

NIST Special Database 18 is being distributed for use in development and
testing of automated mugshot identification systems. The database consists
of three CD-ROMs, containing a total of 3248 images of variable size,
compressed with lossless compression. Each CD-ROM requires approximately
530 megabytes of storage compressed and 1.2 gigabytes uncompressed
(2.2 : 1 average compression ratio). There are images of 1573 individuals
(cases), 1495 male and 78 female. The database contains both front and
side (profile) views when available. Separating front views and profiles, 
there are 131 cases with two or more front views and 1418 with only one
front view. Profiles have 89 cases with two or more profiles and 1268 with
only one profile. Cases with both fronts and profiles have 89 cases with
two or more of both fronts and profiles, 27 with two or more fronts and
one profile, and 1217 with only one front and one profile. Decompression
software, which was written in C on a SUN workstation [1], is included
with the database.

NIST Special Database 18 has the following features:

	+  3248 segmented 8-bit gray scale mugshot images (varying sizes)
           of 1573 individuals
	+  1333 cases with both front and profile views (see statistics above)
	+  131 cases with two or more front views and 89 cases with two or
           more profiles
	+  images scanned at 19.7 pixels per mm
	+  image format documentation and example software is included

Suitable for automated mugshot identification research, the database can be used for:

	+  algorithm development
	+  system training and testing

The system requirements are a CD-ROM drive with software to read ISO-9660
format and the ability to compile the C source code written on a SUN
workstation [1].

Cost of the database: $750.00.

For ordering information contact:

                            Standard Reference Data
                National Institute of Standards and Technology
                            Building 221, Room A323
                            Gaithersburg, MD 20899
                             Voice: (301) 975-2208
                             FAX:   (301) 926-0416
                          email: srdata at

All other questions contact:
                            Craig Watson
		       craig at

[1]  The SUN workstation is identified in order to adequately specify or
     describe the subject matter of this announcement. In no case does
     such identification imply recommendation or endorsement by the
     National Institute of Standards and Technology, nor does it imply
     that the equipment is necessarily the best available for the purpose.

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