Paul E. Baclace peb at
Fri Feb 3 09:28:27 PST 1995

Recently a relative of mine was battered/assulted in a park.  The
perp, after a personal item broke, called a friend at the police on 
his cel phone and an officer charged my relative for assault! The 
perp is also trying to sue for damages.  The relative is nearly at 
retirement age and the perp had 3 large attack dogs at the time.
This is a bad cop with a vindictive mentality and the court so far 
believes the cop. (My relative should be suing for psychological damages
after weeks of nightmares about being attacked and then betrayed
by the police and fear of retribution for pursuing justice.  This
is a very expensive process in money, time and emotions.)

A personal recording of what happened would make a lot of difference.

Paul E. Baclace
peb at

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