Fundamental Question?

Andrew Lowenstern andrew_loewenstern at
Wed Feb 1 11:28:22 PST 1995

>  Although I understand the need for remailers for anonymity, is it
>  not true that the whole idea of encryption (good encryption, that
>  is) is that no matter who gets the encrypted text, it really doesn't
>  matter?  Does this not mean that something like USENET is *perfect*
>  for this?

Usenet may be provide good untracability for the recipient, but the if the  
sender desires untracability she needs to use a remailer or some other  
service to get the message into Usenet.  Also, the recipient needs to know if  
and where to look for the message.  If the recipient isn't anticipating the  
receipt of a message untracably, or doesn't care if 'they' know she is  
receiving the message, then Usenet isn't necessary.


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