PGP timeline FAQ... comments requested

Greg Rose Greg_Rose at
Fri Dec 22 14:37:35 PST 1995

I've embedded a couple of comments that might be

  1.4  Amusingly Adi Shamir (A from RSA) isn't even a US citizen, he's an

Shamir is the 'S' from RSA, not the 'A'.

  1.6  Because the publication was a rush job due to the NSA, R,S & A
       and the later formed PKP and RSADSI lose patent rights
       to RSA crypto outside the US.  This is because most places
       outside the US, you have to obtain a patent *before*
       publication, where as in the US, you have one year from the
       publication date to file for patents.  This also had implications for
       PGP later

This is only half true. US Patent law was
developed independently of most of the rest of
the world's, and allowed patents like this. The
Australian patent office would, at the time, have
rejected the patent anyway on the grounds that
you can't patent a mathematical formula.

  3    USG decides they don't like PRZ

You haven't defined USG as an acronym yet. To me
it means Unix Support Group. It does come clear
later though.


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