Encryption Rules Coming

amp Alan.Pugh at internetMCI.COM
Thu Dec 21 22:16:47 PST 1995

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>    Encryption rules to be prepared

>    By Andrew Jack in Paris
>   Highly sophisticated encryption technology already exists
>    in a number of countries including the US and Sweden. In
>    the US, companies already have access to these programs. A
>    growing number of businesses -- led by the banking sector
>    -- are demanding access to these programs.

ya know, if we could beat the following (true) statement into the
heads of the people who write this stuff, it would go far towards
making people understand how futile it is to try to stop the spread
of encryption technology. 

  "Highly sophisticated encryption technology already exists in every
country on the planet. Anyone with a modem and access to the internet
has access to these programs. The fact is that a very powerful
encryption program can actually be written by hand on a postcard and
mailed anywhere in the world."

i want to rant more on this but will spare the choir of this. is
anyone out there marketing "rsa in 3 lines of pearl" as a postcard?
i'm going to have it printed on a business card so i can hand them
out to demonstrate the foolishness of itar in my own way.

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