Barring access to Netscape

Perry E. Metzger perry at
Fri Dec 1 13:37:00 PST 1995

Bill Frantz writes:
> (2) You want to inform the public and put pressure on Netscape, not piss
> off the people using netscape browsers.  A quick, one page, detour would
> seem appropriate, but not denial of access or other hostile acts.

I favor putting a GIF and text on the top of every page saying 

  BIG BROTHER INSIDE YOUR BROWSER [Insert nasty logo here.]  You are
  apparently using Netscape, the browser that intentionally lets
  people tap your communications. For more information, click
  _here_. To download a better browser now that doesn't have Big
  Brother Inside, click _here_. To send e-mail to the CEO of Netscape
  telling him how upset this makes you, click _here_.

You can get your server to simply put that at the top of every page
served to a Netscape client, followed by a horizontal line and the
normal web page. It should be easy to put together the hacks to do
that and get them out to lots of people. Watch how fast people would
switch from Netscape, especially were it widely deployed. You would
then watch a fast fall in Netscape stock, which would likely piss Jim
Clark off far more than anything else one could do.

We need HTML 3.0 capable browsers for all platforms, though.


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