SIGNATURES in both universes

James A. Donald jamesd at
Thu Oct 6 18:43:56 PDT 1994

*Hobbit* writes
> I was thinking about a problem involving two parties signing a file and each
> keeping a copy, as they would do with a paper contract, and came up with
> something like the following:
> Two parties securely exchange public keys, each signed by the other, and
> verify correctness through some channel like the phone.

Bad idea.  A signature, like a signet ring, must be *publicly*
associated with an identity to be useful.

Use web of trust.

Both A and B have well publicized public keys.

Each then sends the other a signed letter saying "I agree to the following
provided you also agree to the following"

First step:

A decent user interface to PGP

Zeroth step.

Chicago (Yes I know that Unix is the most holy and greatest
operating system in the world, but face it.  The chairman of
the board is *not* going to learn to use unix.)

(Windows is incapable of acting as a host, being non pre-emptive,
and therefore is a pain on the internet.)

We have the right to defend ourselves and our
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