the media and their libertarian, bleeding heart views

Lewis McCarthy lmccarth at
Thu Oct 6 18:25:22 PDT 1994

Dave Harvey writes:
> > $ Damn the media and their libertarian, bleeding heart views, 
> > I've never heard a libertarian accused of being a bleeding heart before....
$ Would you call the media conservative? Not!

You would call libertarians non-conservative ?

> > $ Even animals have the right of self defence [...] including deadly force
> > Even against humans ?
$ That is the law of nature, in the end it reigns supreme.

Are humans natural things ?  I think so.

Are all acts of natural things themselves natural ?

If so, aren't all human actions natural, making the label tautological and
therefore worthless for judging the deeds of humanity ?

If not, how do you make the distinction between human actions which are
"natural" and actions which aren't ?  How do you decide which deeds are
part of "the law of nature" and which aren't ?

-L. McCarthy					Question Anarchy !  :)

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